Asmongold Retirement Talk

Amiel Rose Andres - April 27, 2022
Asmongold  Retirement Talk

Streamer Asmongold is looking forward to years of fresh content for his favorite MMO after the launch of “World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.” Fans are excited, as they are always eager to hear his thoughts on forthcoming expansions and anticipate his initial impressions. 

Asmongold, on the other hand, is an elusive inventor. Set schedules and anything requiring mandatory attendance annoy him. For instance, the streamer famously resigned his job at Sam’s Club after only three stints. To the dismay of many admirers, Asmongold’s elusiveness appears to have harmed his streaming prospects.

Asmongold has taken long breaks from streaming on several occasions, leaving followers wondering when or if he will return. Asmongold has stated that if he takes another break from streaming, he will almost certainly not return. As a result, many viewers were concerned about Asmongold’s plans. Fortunately for those who were watching, Asmongold has already backtracked and provided further specifics about his objectives. 

Asmongold discussed an article sent to his subreddit about the potential of him abandoning streaming during an April 23rd “Just Chatting” livestream. 

His initial reaction to the post was, “I don’t know if I will ever completely stop… I don’t like writing blank checks. Do I ever see myself not making content? Not really, like, in one way or another.”

He then went on to tell his followers that there are other options for creating content outside everyday livestreaming. For example, Asmongold stated that he could either focus on his duties with the One True King gaming organization or return to routinely filming YouTube videos. 

In addition, Asmongold stated why he will never stop being a content creator of some form. He stated, “I’ve always created something, like whenever I was a kid, I would draw comics… I started creating things as soon as I could, so like, the way that I find meaning in life … is by creating something that is an expression of that meaning.”

“[Creating content] is something I’ve always done, and I think in one way or another it’s always going to happen,” Asmongold concluded after a brief pause to collect his thoughts.  

It’s unclear whether Asmongold will continue to stream on Twitch for the rest of his career or take a different approach to entertainment. Fans may rest assured that even if he stops broadcasting on Twitch, he will not be forgotten on the internet.

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