Amouranth Says She Hasn’t Changed Her Content

Amiel Rose Andres - November 28, 2022
Amouranth Says She Hasn’t Changed Her Content

By demonstrating how much has changed on her channel, Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa refuted criticism that she hasn’t changed her content. 

Amouranth has emerged as one of Twitch’s top female streamers in recent years, occasionally surpassing Pokimane in popularity as other streamers took time off. Despite having a sizable fan base, the streamer has occasionally faced criticism for the content on her channel. She was one of the pioneers of the Hot Tub stream meta and has remained quite committed to it as it evolved into a distinct category. She has also been a mainstay in the Just Chatting and Just Dance sections. 

Recent claims that Destiny hasn’t altered anything on her channel or that she continues to provide the same content have come from some viewers and other streamers, including Destiny. Amouranth, however, has some receipts. 

On November 27, the streaming celebrity responded to these allegations on the WildKait backup Twitter account, demonstrating how much her content had altered. She posted attaching a graph breaking down her content where Just Dance, Just Chatting, and Overwatch 2 dominated; “Weird L take that my content hasn’t changed. 90 days ago I was doing 50%+ or more hot tub, now it’s like sub 10%? I played more Overwatch than I did hot tub.  That’s NEVER HAPPENED,”

Amouranth said she “didn’t care” about rebranding herself on Twitch because she’s still experiencing enormous success, despite one fan suggesting that her “rebrand” had been successful. She responds; “Not about rebrand, I literally don’t care. I get to do what I want, and I still make 7 fig money a month. Life is better.”

Due to her real-life dates, Amouranth’s most recent streams have continued to remain in the Just Chatting category. She probably won’t ever abandon that part of the book. She is, however, doing significantly more varied work now than ever before, as Amouranth goes to demonstrate. 

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