Alinity Talks About Defeating Caroline Kwan

Amiel Rose Andres - April 18, 2023
Alinity Talks About Defeating Caroline Kwan

On April 16, popular online personality Natalia “Alinity” responded to a video that featured Caroline Kwan, a Twitch content creator. In it, the latter produced a tier list in which she placed several well-known streamers according to how likely it was that she would win a fight with them.

Alinity in the “Easy KO win first round” category, claiming that the Colombian personality was “small.”

When Natalia heard Kwan’s remarks, she was astounded and said that if she trained, she “could absolutely” defeat her in a boxing match: “If I train, I could absolutely do it! Yes, I could! I absolutely could, just for that comment, I’m going to train so f**king hard and I’m going to KO her first round! So she eats her words! “

Alinity responded to a Twitch video showing Caroline Kwan ranking well-known content creators on a tier list 19 minutes into her broadcast. She described the former and put it in the lowest category: “She is so small. I was at an Austin party when Alinity’s sister was in town. The two of them were like, they almost looked like children when they were running around the party, because of how tiny they were.”

The 35-year-old streamer was shocked by Kwan’s remarks and retaliated by claiming that she exercises at the gym four days per week: “Whoa! What?! Excuse me?! Oh, my god, I could absolutely take her. Okay? I… she doesn’t know this, but I go to the gym, like, four days a week!” 

Natalia continued after stating that she will work extremely hard to defeat Caroline Kwan in a boxing match: “I was so excited because we have the same bottle, we’re like, bottle sisters. And I thought it was important. But apparently, I’m like a child or something! Because… I’m 5’2″. That’s not that short. Unbelievable. Actually unbelievable!”

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