Adin Ross’ Current Stats

Amiel Rose Andres - June 24, 2022
Adin Ross’ Current Stats

One of Twitch’s more controversial personalities, Adin Ross’ career was ended by his permanent suspension earlier in 2022. But after being unbanned, his popularity hasn’t diminished, and his stats have nearly reached their peak from 2021.

Despite being one of Twitch’s most contentious personalities, Adin Ross is back on the air and making a splash. His indefinite ban from the site earlier this year almost prevented him from becoming an internet celebrity, but if anything, it has increased his infamy. Ross has found a second wind on Twitch as his metrics soar, despite a decline in viewing over the previous 12 months that preceded his ban. According to Sullygnome, Adin Ross has averaged more than 77,000 concurrent viewers each Twitch live since his return on June 7. This is almost a return to form for the internet celebrity who (relatively) struggled to get viewers in the beginning of 2022.

Ross’s audience peaked around May 2021, when he averaged more than 120,000 concurrent viewers. From there, it gradually declined until February 2022, when viewerships dropped as low as 15,000 each broadcast. He was averaging 50,000 concurrents at the time of his ban, but that number has subsequently increased by at least 50% continuously over the past two weeks as more people have become aware of his condition as a result of his unban.

Ross has divided his time since returning to Twitch between interacting with his audience and streaming Slots. Additionally, he has addressed the criticism of gambling and stood up for another Twitch star Felix “xQc” Lengyel after the variety broadcaster began changing up his own content in 2022. 

But it’s still unclear whether the second wind will persist for very long. Over the last two weeks, his audience has fluctuated, but with the star packing almost a stream a day into his schedule, there is an effort to keep that engagement.

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