A Twitch Emote Change

Amiel Rose Andres - May 19, 2022
A Twitch Emote Change

Twitch has released a big emote update that allows streamers to thank the artists who made them.

Emotes may give each Twitch channel its own distinct feel, and they can almost act as a calling card for streamers’ distinct communities. Broadcasters will now be able to give credit and shoutout to the artists who made these useful works of art, thanks to a recent upgrade. 

Twitch stated on May 17th that they will include a means to acknowledge the artist who produced each specific emote, as well as a link to their Twitch profile. When you go to upload an emote, you now have the option of entering the Twitch name of the artist who created it. 

When you type in that artist’s name, along with all the other information, it will appear. The modification seems to be well-received on Twitter, with emotive artists praising it as a significant improvement. Artists can be thanked not only on the emotes info page, but there’s also a fresh new Twitch badge that artists can post to their profile to show they developed an emote for that streamer.

Creating Twitch emotes can also be a lucrative business for artists, so this is a win-win situation that will hopefully inspire more support for artists on the platform.

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